Mechanical Engineers Essentials Tools And Calculators

1. Lead Screw Torque Calculators

Lead Screw Sch This calculator can be used to find the torque required raising and lowering the load. These data can be used to select lead screw motors and can also used to find the self locking capability of the lead screw.


2. Press Fit Pressure Calculator


Find the pressure generated with the press/interference fit for a shaft and hub assembly. This data then can be used to optimize the design of the hub, or can be used to find the minimum force to disengage these parts, or can be used to find the maximum torque this connection can transmit without slippage etc.

3. Belleville Disc Spring Stack Design Calculator

Belleville Springs Stack

This calculator aids in designing preferred stack arrangements for your design. Disc Springs are often stacked to enhance performance characteristics. By stacking them in parallel, load bearing characteristics are enhanced. When stacked in series, greater deflection or travel is achieved. Combination stacking, in parallel and in series, increases both load bearing and deflection.To obtain the necessary spring stiffness and deflection try varying number of parallel and series spring numbers.

4. FMEA Template for AIAG and Six-Sigma

FMEA FMEA is one of the most widely used procedures for analysis of potential failure modes. This FMEA template can be used for process, design, concept, equipment, service, system and software FMEA analysis. It can also used with AIAG and Six-Sigma standards. Check this tool.

5. Air Conditioning Sizing (BTU) Calculator

6. Bearing Selection Guide - SKF

7. Mechanical Engineering Design Data Book

8. Beam Deflection Formulas