References for Mechanical Engineers

Engineering Data

Contains material properties, unit conversions and formulas for engineers.

Engineers Edge
Contains material properties, engineering calculators, standard components, and formulas for engineers.



Video training on mechanical engineering basics, robotics, CAD, CAM and FEA by IIT professors.
Design And Analysis of Machine Elements
Online Book by Douglas Wright on design and analysis of machine elements.


Online Calculators

Calculator Edge
Online calculator for engineers.
Collection of tribology calculators.


Other References

Car Body Design
A collection of resources, technical papers, articles and links about car body design and latest developments.
Reference on solar energy and its conversion to electricity. From sunlight properties  to  photolytic manufacturing process explained in this web portal.
The Complete Guide to Chain
Provides a comprehensive reference for chains used in power transmission and conveyance applications. Everything from the basics of chain, through to specific industrial applications of its use are detailed.
Custom Part Net
Its an online cost estimation tool. This portal provides cost estimations for Molding, Casting, Machining, Sheet Metal.
Bulk materials handling knowledge base. It covers design information on troughed, pipe, pocket, sicon, sandwich and air supported bulk material systems.
ODP - Mechanical Engineering Design
List of some useful mechanical engineering design web resources from dmoz open directory project.