Apr 28, 2009

SKF-SNFA Releases High Precision Angular Contact Thrust Ball Bearings for Lead Screw Drives


Machine tools require screw drives that can position a work piece or machine component quickly, efficiently and precisely. To meet these requirements, screw drives are usually supported at both ends by super-precision bearings that can provide a high degree of stiffness. The bearings may also have to accommodate high accelerations and high speeds.

The characteristic properties of these angular contact thrust ball bearings include:

  • high axial stiffness

  • high axial load-carrying capacity

  • very high running accuracy

  • low frictional moment

  • ability to accommodate high speeds and accelerations.

SKF-SNFA angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives are especially suitable for screw drive applications, but they are also beneficial in other applications where safe radial and axial support is required, together with extremely precise axial guidance of the shaft.

Design Considerations Made

When designing bearings, competing requirements must be considered. For angular contact thrust ball bearings intended for use in screw drives, the most important factor is to provide a high degree of bearing stiffness while keeping the bearing friction at the lowest level.

A further requirement is the ability to cope with high speeds and rapid accelerations. Maintaining an adequate load-carrying capacity and providing high accuracy is typically taken for granted.

The new assortment of super-precision single direction angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives come with a combination of visible and invisible features:

  • a fine-tuned osculation

  • a 62° contact angle

  • a ground transition between raceway and shoulder

  • a robust cage

  • a unique heat treatment

  • very clean bearing steel

  • tightened manufacturing tolerances

  • sealed execution for all bearing sizes.

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