May 2, 2009

Production Process of Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Panels)



1.Test & Sort Solar Cells

Test and sort solar cells for optimized module performance. Cells of many types and shapes can be used in Spire manufacturing equipment.

2. Tab & String Solar Cells

Interconnect solar cells by soldering flat metal leads, or tabs, to cell contacts, producing solar cell strings. Automated machines are available to do these tasks quickly and more efficiently.


3.Transfer Solar Cell Strings

Gently pick up and transfer interconnected solar cells, or strings, from storage trays onto module substrates, accurately aligning the strings to ensure module quality.

4. Laminate Solar Modules

Encapsulate solar modules with controlled heat, vacuum and pressure to form uniform, composite structure.


5.Trim, Frame & Finish Solar Modules

Trim solar modules after lamination, install edge sealant and structural frames, and attach electrical junction boxes. Mount frames to seal the edges and add structure. The completed modules are rugged and water resistant.

6.Test Photovoltaic Module Performance

Test the electrical performance of photovoltaic modules under simulated Air Mass 1.5 Global terrestrial conditions.

Watch Discovery Channel  Video (You Tube ) On Manual Production of Solar Panels


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