May 21, 2009

Recommended Maximum Force For Human Hand - Human Ergonomics


Maximum allowable stress or force human hand defined as per human ergonomics on ‘International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors’ is stated below

“Industrial workers should not generally exceed one-third of their isometric strength on a sustained basis in task performance (Putz-Anderson 1994). Overloading of muscles should be avoided to minimize fatigue. Dynamic forces should be kept <30% of the maximum force that the muscle can expert up to 50% is all right for up to 5 min. Static muscular load should be kept <15% of maximum force that the muscle can exert. General guidelines suggest that hand forces should not exceed 45 Newton. On the other hand, its possible to handle a force of 4kg for 10s, 2kg for 1 min and one third of maximum force for 4 min.”

These information can be useful while designing machines which is having human interactions, especially hand interactions.


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