May 28, 2009

Revolution In Automobile Adhesive Industry

A Cars 15 Locations Where Adhesives and Sealants Can Be Used

The use of polymeric adhesives to join components for structural and nonstructural applications has expanded greatly in recent years as a result of the unique advantages adhesives may offer for certain assembly processes and the development of new adhesives with improved robustness and environmental acceptability. The increasing complexity of modern assembled structures and the diverse types of materials used have led to many joining applications that would not be possible with more conventional joining techniques. Adhesives are also being used either in conjunction with or to replace mechanical fasteners and welds. Reduced weight, sealing capabilities, and reduced part count and assembly time, as well as improved fatigue and corrosion resistance, all combine to provide the designer with opportunities for customized assembly. The above figure shows the numerous places where adhesives are used on a modern automobile.

 2012 BMW X1

The wild circles printed on thick adhesive foil became a trade mark for this new 2012 BMW X1. I really see a great leap coming in the field of automobile adhesives as most of the latest cars are exclusively using adhesives are their primary bonding solution. Keep your fingers crossed ! 

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