May 17, 2009

Solidworks 2009 New Features & Review

Surface Quality Enhancement In Solidworks 2009

Creating Equation Driven Curves

Earlier this feature was not at all there and its really a nice feature to work with as most engineering designs are driven by equations,for example aerodynamic flow profiles can be optimized using derived equations.

Magnifying Glass to Inspect Your Design

Magnifying Glass a new feature in SolidWorks 2009 is very handy when we working on a heavy design and want to inspect a small area with out zooming in.

Solid Sweep Cut

Solid sweep cut is enchased and new we will get much improved surface.

Dual Dimension  for Measurement Results

Now you can configure the measurement tool to show dual dimensions. Hence we can now view dimensions in both inches and mm with out changing units each and every time.

BOM in Assembly

Now we can create BOM inside assembly itself, no need to go to drawings for creating BOM.

Memory Usage

Much improved RAM usage compared to earlier version of SolidWorks.

To view full detailed report of enhancement and improvement please follow the link below.

Download SolidWorks 2009 Whats New PDF

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