Jun 1, 2009

Laser Detection of Dark and Irregular Shaped Targets Got Easier

Dark Object Laser Detection Sensor

With Keyence’s latest GV series digital COSMOS laser sensor detection of dark and irregular shaped targets became easier. Its got World's First Datum Algorithm.This new algorithm function of the GV Series eliminates common problems encountered when using conventional laser sensors.

Larger CMOS pixel size than conventional systems. This enables the sensor to receive a greater quantity of light, resulting in highly stable detection and faster response speeds. The GV Datum algorithm utilizes an innovative calibration technique in which the received light waveform pattern from a target or background is used to set upper and lower received light limits. Detection is stable even when the targets are moving or the background is unstable causing conditions where the target-to-sensor distance varies, the company said

Three detection modes are selectable on the GV amplifier: An edge hold mode (patent pending) detects sudden changes in work piece height, a surface detection mode detects the nearest surface, and a clamp function which ignores targets too close to the sensor head.

If your application needs black or dark body tracking or detection then surely GV series COSMOS laser surely is an option.

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