Jun 16, 2009

Shaft Misalignments – Radial, Axial and Angular – Better Insight

Misalignment is a condition where the centerlines of coupled shafts do not coincide. If its not controlled properly in a power transition design unpredictable vibrations, plastic deformations, or even premature failure of shaft or coupling can occur. Let us discuss the types of misalignments that can occur in shaft connections

Radial Misalignment

Radial Misalignment Animation


Radial is the distance between the two shaft axis and is quantified by measuring the radial distance between the centerline of one shaft if it were to be extended to overlap the other.

Axial Misalignment

Axial Misalignment Animation

Axial misalignment is the variation in axial distance between the shafts of the driving and driven machinery.

Angular Misalignment

Angular Misalignment  Animation

Angular misalignment is the effective angle between the two shaft centerlines and is usually quantified by measuring the angle between the shaft centerlines as if they were extended till they intersect.

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