Jul 28, 2009

What's New - ProEngineer Wildfire 5.0

ProENGINEER Wildfire 5

What PTC says about the new changes and upgrades in ProEngineer Wildfire 5.0

1. More Faster
The latest enhancements to overall user experience will help you overcome the barriers to design modification. Create and edit designs faster, with intuitive user interface (UI) commands and simplified workflows. See your design modifications instantly with real-time, dynamic feature editing. Disruption-free design also enables you to make design changes more quickly and easily. And with faster assembly, sheet metal and other design tasks, you’ll decrease your time-to-productivity.
2. Improved Detailing Workflow

The streamlined, context-sensitive UI helps you focus on simple, sequential tasks, and improves navigation through the model tree and new sheet tabs. Accurate previews will save printing time and cost, and the new TrueType fonts will improve quality and reduce file size.
3. Molded Part Design Efficiency
Increase your plastic part design efficiency by up to 80% with the innovative new rib tool. Generate curvature continuous rounds, use sketch points for patterns, see real-time geometry UDF previews, and leverage dynamic pattern modification capabilities as you create and modify molded parts faster than ever before.
4. Weld Design and Analysis
New weld features, symbol annotations, and simulation enhancements enable you to design, document and analyze welded structures. You can analyze weldment models up to 10X faster!
5. Enhanced Graphical Realism
Create stunning images and assembly animations using enhanced real-time photorealistic rendering. And with the added support for shadows and reflections, perspective views, and exploded-state animations, you can show your products in the best light possible. Pro/ENGINEER Advanced Rendering Extension now includes the mental images rendering engine for unsurpassed realism.

6. New Electromechanical Design Module
The new Pro/ENGINEER Spark Analysis Extension– another ‘first’ for PTC– automatically identifies where electrical sparks will cross gaps and creep along surfaces, helping you prevent product failures earlier in the design process. Additional enhancements in the Routed Systems UI will help you create wires, cables and ribbons faster – on the fly! You’ll route cables in 40% less time and pipes in 60% less time!
7. More Simulation Power
Machine simulation is easier than ever. Now you can drive slot motor components along curves, quickly create belts to account for kinematic and dynamic coupling, analyze dynamic gears, and model 3D contacts! Also, more high-end analysis capabilities are now accessible. Plus, with expanded support for heterogeneous units, improvements to icon and label displays, an intuitive dashboard UI for surface and volume regions, and support for materials plasticity, you’ll be able to verify and validate designs faster.
8. More Production Machining Power and Ease-of-Use
Production machining efficiency is better than ever with more intuitive workflows, an easy to- use tool manager, and HTML-based process documentation. Create facing tool paths up to 5X faster! You can quickly and easily duplicate tool paths and leverage the process manager for turning operations, such as area turning, grooving and profile turning.
9. Improved Interoperability
With extended data exchange capabilities including free support for Autodesk Inventor® and SolidWorks®– you can gain greater leverage from imported designs. With industry leading, non-geometric data exchange capabilities, you can preserve 3D notes, annotations and metadata in neutral formats. And the new 3D import wizards and usability enhancements for AutobuildZ™ and Import DataDoctor™ will help you work more effectively and be more connected in a heterogeneous CAD world.
10. Social Product Development
New social product development capabilities will help you find the right people and resources at the right time. Pro/ENGINEER’s seamless integration to Windchill® ProductPoint®, which leverages Microsoft® SharePoint® social computing technologies, will help you find and reuse your design community’s collective knowledge as you improve process productivity.

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