Aug 13, 2009

GM’s 100 kmpl Mileage Car – The Volt

GM Volt 100KMPL Car

General motor claims that there latest car Volt will have a mind blowing mileage of  100kmpl. Isn't amazing ?

Interestingly Chevy Volt is an advanced electric-drive car called as Extended-Range Electric Vehicles or EREVs. An EREV will act as an electric car until its batteries are drained to a certain level, then it starts a small gasoline engine. That engine, interestingly will not drive the wheels but it merely acts as a generator to recharge the batteries. The Volt, GM says, can travel about 64kms at any speed before its onboard generator kicks in. As charger needs a constant torque, gasoline engine can fine tuned to achieve maximum efficiency. And electrical drives have efficiencies near to 90%. And which will effectively reduces the energy losses on the extra energy conversion (Electric to Mechanical).This car’s mileage yet to get conformed by federal government. Anyway surely its a good start for highly efficient cars for the days to come.

Specifications And Pricing

First 64 kms runs purely on battery

Overnight Charging Time 8 Hours

Power – Electric Motor  - 150 Horse Power

Maximum Speed – 160 Kph

IC Engine Specifications:- Fuel – Petrol, 3 Cylinder Engine, 1600 CC

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