Aug 9, 2009

GoGreen at SolidWorks Design Contest

go_green & Solidworks announces a design contest for Indians.  The primary motive is to build environment friendly products. Quoting from the mother site.

“Now that you have come and got a feel of the community we feel it’s time to put into action a promise we made to ourselves while conceptualizing this community. We promised to make this place a hub of activity all the year long. The activity could be anything from an expert’s opinion to a nationwide contest.

The world is undergoing a transformation, where mere ideation is no longer thought to be “pathbreaking”- unless a practical implementation is made possible. Being environment friendly, while not compromising on efficiency and/or bringing increased functionality, is one such revolution. Revolutions need innovativeness in product design tweaked to suit the needs of the day; something that has never been thought to be so crucial.

DesignBetterProducts celebrates the spirit behind such world changing endeavours and is proud to present the GoGreen@SolidWorks contest.
As with every contest there are loads of questions that are favourites. Here are some FAQ’s to make things easier to understand:


1. What is GoGreen@SolidWorks ?

Ans. GoGreen@SolidWorks is a contest developed by Solidworks to encourage innovation in the field of environment friendly products. This is Solidworks way of saying that we care for the environment.


2. Am I eligible for it?

Ans. If you are a resident of India, you are all set to participate.


3. What do I have to do in it?

Ans. You have to design a product of your liking and evolve it in a way that makes it more efficient, usable or generally improves the quality of living, all this using the SolidWorks software.
Simply put participants are required to design sustainable products that would reduce dependency on non renewable energy resources and are environmentally friendly.


4. So what all can I do in it?

Ans. Participants will have 13 categories to choose from:

1.Sustainable Technologies
2.Mold Design
3.Safety Products
5.Electronics Products
6.Aerospace And Defense
7.Automotive And Transportation
8.Consumer Products
9.Oil And Gas
10.Industrial Machinery
11.Medical Products
12.Design And Engineering

5. When is the contest starting and when can I expect the results?

Ans. The contest will start on June 16th and entries will be accepted till August 16th.  The results for the eligible entries will be announced by the first week of September.

Go Green at Solidworks Design Contest Participate Now

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