Aug 7, 2009

ProEngineer - Setting Drawing Scale Display Formatting

Drawing Options View Scale Dispaly Format

Drawing scale display formatting is controlled by a drawing setup file option.  


1. Right click and hold on any empty area on a drawing and select properties

2. Go to ‘Drawing Options’

3. Find drawing option called ‘view_scale_format’

4. Now change between decimal (default), fractional, ration_colon options.

5. Now change ‘view_scale_denominator’ to 2520 (LCM of 1 to 10). This step is essential for factional and ratio_colon formatting to correct to work perfectly

6. This step is optional, if you want you can save this drawing setup file to load automatically on ProE startup by setting  drawing_setup_file <your dtl path> and pro_dtl_setup_dir <your dtl directory> on

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