Sep 27, 2009

Honda’s Walking Chair – U3-X – An Interesting Concept

Honda's Walking Chair U3 X

Check this walking chair from Honda named as U3-X, with a unique directional wheel system that allows it to travel diagonally, as well as right, left, forward, and backward.It's basically a robotic unicycle.

The device is able to readjust itself so that instead of riders having to constantly balance themselves, the robotic unicycle does the compensating.

Honda pointed out in its unveiling video that the U3-X's seat is slightly higher than an average person's waistline, forcing riders to jump up slightly to sit on it and place their feet on a foot rest. This elevated height of the robotic unicycle leaves riders at relative eye level with passing pedestrians while in motion, according to Honda.

control technology that allows the device to respond to how its load shifts and readjust balance accordingly while on the go.

"The incline sensor detects the incline of the device based on the weight shift of the rider and determines the rider's intention in terms of the direction and speed. Based on the data, precise control is applied to return the device to an upright position, which achieves smooth and agile movements and simple operation by weight shift only," Honda said in a statement.

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