Feb 8, 2010

Believe Your Eyes This Is Drawn In AutoCAD

This incredible sketch was created in AutoCAD. It references an AutoCAD solid model of a martini glass and uses the new free sketching add-in for AutoCAD based on the alias sketching technology. Watch the following video.
Watch some more videos of AutoCAD Alias Sketch Capabilities Here
1. Add Building to Existing Site Image
2. Alterations to Existing Building Sketch
3. 2D/3D Hybrid Architectural Concept Illustration
This wonderful new tool you can create sketches inside AutoCAD. Create amazing 3D concept sketches inside AutoCAD and present your ideas in style.

What Autodesk Says About Alias Sketch

Autodesk Alias Sketch for AutoCAD Technology Preview adds fully integrated painting, illustration and image manipulation capabilities to enhance the AutoCAD design workflow, making AutoCAD a much broader creative tool. With Alias Sketch for AutoCAD users will be able to:
  • Leverage freehand drawing techniques with pen based interaction
  • Create blank screen illustrations
  • Create artwork or import images to graphically express the context of designs, something previously requiring multiple applications to achieve
  • Manipulate and composite images to quickly create variations for design exploration
  • Free-hand markup (annotate) directly on top of AutoCAD geometry

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