Apr 1, 2010

Qualities That An Engineer Should Possess


In a recent survey representatives from industry were asked to prioritize a list of qualities that an engineer should possess. Their prioritized list follows:

1. Problem Solving Skills

Engineers must be able to

  • identify and define the problem to be solved
  • develop alternative design solutions
  • implement the solution finally selected

2. Effective Communication Skills

Engineers must be able to convey ideas effectively in both written and in oral form.

3. Highly Ethical and Professional Behaviour

Engineers must be able to recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas, and behave in a professional manner at all times and under all circumstances.

4. An Open Mind and Positive Attitude

If engineers are to be successful in solving challenging technical problems, they must be both imaginative and optimistic that their efforts will bear fruit.

5. Proficiency In Mathematics and Science

Engineers must be adept in mathematical techniques and knowledgeable about science

6. Technical Skills

Engineers must acquire the appropriate set of technical skills if they are to perform well in their chosen profession.

7. Motivation to Continue Learning

Given that both technology and scientific knowledge are expanding at an incredibly rapid rate, engineers must be willing and able to acquire new skills and knowledge in their areas of of expertise.

8. Knowledge of Business Strategies and Management Practices

Engineers must be familiar with such strategies and practices if they are able to succeed in industry.

9. Computer Literacy

Engineers must be familiar with the latest computer technology if they are to use it in effective ways in various engineering applications.

10. Understanding of World Affairs and Cultures

It is critical to understand cultural differences if one is to work in harmony with others from around the world, as tomorrow’s engineers will do.    


Reference :- ‘Engineering by Design’ by Gerard Voland (1999)

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