Aug 27, 2010

Innovative Chinese Might Change Future of Transportation


A bus that can allow other vehicles to pass underneath, and this “3D Express Bus” is surely an innovative way to improve urban transportation with great cost effectiveness. Amazingly this bus can carry 1200 passengers onboard. This project definitely is a huge challenge for the Chinese as this technology never been tested publically. Check this concept animation.

The main advantages according Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd to are

Driving Operational Safety

"Three-dimensional fast bus" body length and width greater than the height of the body, overturned the possibility of very small cross-section is very narrow roads during the small chance of collision, even a car hit will not hurt as passengers are higher than the cars in the car position, combined with their running speed without running high (40-50 km / h), the "three-dimensional fast bus" travelling on the road all areas of the safest public transport traffic tool.

Use the electric drive

"Three-dimensional fast bus" complete with electric drive, use 700V power and super-capacitors for fast charging, the full realization of zero emissions of harmful gases. Also building the platform and bridge top lid can be equipped with solar photovoltaic panels for vehicles and power stations to provide an effective clean energy and reduce carbon emissions and the full realization of zero pollution.

Short construction period

Road reconstruction at the road traffic impact on existing small during the construction of metro, due to road construction requires closure of the existing section, coupled with long construction period (subway construction cycle normally takes 3-6 years to complete) will seriously affect the traffic. The "three-dimensional fast bus" do not need the whole road section during the period of Reconstruction in closed, just closed a single lane of 50%, while the implementation of Reconstruction in short period of about 40 km line was completed one year construction period.

No parking lot to save land

Public transport bus need large amounts of space city parking (bus parking needs of each area of about 30-40 square meters), "three-dimensional fast bus" is no parking, just park on the road were can, and will not affect the access road on the car, saving the city a large number of high cost of land of land.

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