Sep 17, 2010

World’s Largest Wind Farm is Now Open

Thanet Wind Farm

Vattenfall’s Thanet Offshore Wind Farm (England), currently world largest offshore wind farm has been inaugurated on September 23 '2010. This facility can produce a maximum output of 300MV from 100 Vestas wind turbines. Thanet Offshore Wind Farm just surpassed Horns Rev II (209MW) to become world’s largest wind farm. But this status is short lived as much bigger wind farms are  under construction and planned to start operation by 2011 [Greater Gabbard (504 MW),  Bard 1 (400MW) & Sheringham Shoal (305 MW)]. Interestingly more than a month ahead of schedule, Vestas completes the installation of the 100th turbine at the Thanet Offshore Wind Farm. The maximum height of the turbines would be up to 150m (approx 500 feet) from sea level to the blade tip in the vertically up position and the minimum clearance would be 22m (approx 70 feet) to the blade tip in the vertically down position. The spacing between turbines would be a minimum of 450m (approx 1,500 feet).

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