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Improve Circular Edge Display Quality on ProE/Creo

Creo-ProE-Edge-Display-Quality-Before-After-Circular-edgeIt’s annoying sometimes, when edges of circular parts like flanges not displayed properly, and mostly look like polygon instead of circular. Here is what you can try to improve the edge display quality on Pro Engineer Wildfire (Creo Elements Pro).

Duplex Bearing Arrangements - Back to Back, Face to Face and Tandem

Duplex-Bearing-Angular-Contact-Ball-BearingDuplex bearings are a set of two bearings on a shaft with the inner and outer rings clamped together with preload to attain greater axial and radial rigidity. Duplex bearings also used to achieve additional capacity when insufficient space radially for larger bearings.

SolidWorks 2013 New Features [Video]

SolidWorks-2013SolidWorks 2013 is here, check out new features that might make your life easier.SolidWorks 2013 includes over 200 new features and enhancements covering the entire range of SolidWorks solutions for 3D design, simulation, technical communication, product data management, and sustainable design to maximize your productivity.

AutoCAD 2013 New Features

AutoCAD-Mechanical-2013Here are AutoCAD 2013 new features from AutoCAD Exchange YouTube Channel.

AutoCAD 2012 Video Tutorials

AutoCAD-2D-To-3D-Video‘Autodesk Exchange’, a great initiative to bring all AutoCAD essential learning tools under one umbrella. And this basic training is free of cost. Here is the link to all AutoCAD 2012 videos. Check it out!

Download Free Dwg Editor from Dassault Systems

DraftSightDraftSight a free dwg editor from Dassault Systems. And it lets you to create, edit your dwg files without any paid software like AutoCAD. This tool also can be used as dwg viewer and to preview dwx files.

Bladeless Fan – Interesting Innovation

Blade-less FanThis fan has no blades, no unpleasant buffeting, no safety nets. But it can produce smooth and powerful airflow with no need for fast-spinning blades and thus enabling very safe and easy to clean fan. Using an airfoil-shaped ramp, airflow is amplified 15 times.

Free Pro Engineer (Creo) Video Tutorials from PTC

PTC Learning ExchangePTC University’s this new web app LearningExchange is a great initiative towards quality e-learning and knowledge sharing. These tutorials created by PTC product experts. Here is the list of some interesting trainings currently available. Check it out.

WindMade – Our Choice for Clean Energy

Wind Made SymbolWindMade symbol now allows us to make a greener choice, that is choice of buying products made with at least 25% wind energy. Have a look at this WindMade promotional video.

Sensing Distance of Inductive Proximity Sensors for Various Metals

Inductive Proximity SensorOnce, I overlooked the variation of sensing distance of inductive proximity sensor for different metals and the machine failed to detect an aluminium object. Here the sensing distance of inductive proximity sensors was almost reduced to 60%.

Festo Decodes Bird Flight – SmartBird

SmartBird Upward Wing Stroke PositionsFlying like birds is one of the oldest dreams of man kind. And back in 1490 Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machine concept brought us closer to achieving bird flight. Now engineers of Festo’s Bionic Learning Network achieved this amazing feat.

Test Your Knowledge of Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Pneumatics TestTry out this free pneumatics and hydraulics test from FESTO. Then you need to fill an online registration form and it will send an online test link to your email id. After completion of the test you will receive an e-mail with an assessment of your results and a study recommendation.

Inspiring Honda’s Dream the Impossible Documentary Series

Bulb InventionHonda’s dream the impossible documentary series is a set of short stories told through the experience of visionaries, friends and associates of Honda. Renowned film makers Joe Berlinger , Derek Cianfrance and Ondi Timoner done a remarkable job to make these incredible documentary series.

Download AutoCAD 2011 Training Books

AutoCAD 2011 Training BooksDownload AutoCAD 2011 tutorials in pdf format along with work files. These Autodesk tutorials given away free to promote its latest edition. This tutorials also provides you with a basic understanding of modified productivity, 3D, parametric tools.

Believe Your Eyes This Is Drawn In AutoCAD

AutoCAD alias sketchThis incredible sketch was created in AutoCAD. It references an AutoCAD solid model of a martini glass and uses the new free sketching add-in for AutoCAD based on the alias sketching technology. Watch the following video.