Mar 20, 2014

Improve Circular Edge Display Quality on ProE/Creo

It’s annoying sometimes, when edges of circular parts like flanges not displayed properly, and mostly look like polygon instead of  circular. Here is what you can try to improve the edge display quality on Pro Engineer Wildfire  (Creo Elements Pro). Go to ‘View’ –>  ‘Display Settings’ –> ‘Model Display…’. In the model display dialog box select the second tab Edge/Line. Here you can find a drop down menu under ‘Edge Quality’. Change the default value ‘Medium’ to ‘High’ or ‘Very High’ depending upon your need. Then press apply, you are done.
If you want to keep this settings every time ProE (Creo) opens then you have to save it in Config file. Here is what you have to do, go to ‘Tools’ –> ‘Options’ . Type ‘edge_display_quality’ in the ‘Option’ field and select ‘Very_High’ from the drop down and click ‘Add / Change’ button.
Also find an illustration video

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