May 23, 2015

Solving Heidi Module Load Error on DWG True View

I used to get below error, when I try to open any DXF file with DWG True View.

"The configured Heidi driver cannot be loaded. Switching to default software driver."

Heidi Module Load Error DWG True View

Here is how I solved this annoying error message. The issue is with hardware acceleration. I just disabled it and error stopped.

Here is how I did it
Look for a button with Chip and bulb on bottom right hand corner of DWG True View. Like shown below
Button DWG True View

Click on the button and deselect 'Hardware Acceleration'

Hardware Acceleration OFF

Hardware Acceleration OFF

And then restart DWG True View. You are good to go.
If you still face issues, you can go to 'Performance Tuner' and try 'Manual Tuning'

Adaptive Degradation and Performance Turing

Manual Performance Tunring

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